Our Simply-listening journey has started

Well, I’m not sure where to start, so will start at the very beginning!

Around this time last your after a fab summer with my sister-in-law in West Yorkshire, I decided to do something about my deep-seated-rooted community idea, that I thought hadn’t laid any roots. But, in fact, had laid tiny little ones, which were just waiting for me to give them the ‘water’ of reflection, and decide to make things grow!

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Listening with heart

pexels-photo-355700 water

Blimey!  It has been a while. And it feels like so much has happened, and yet, not a lot has happened quickly enough for me!  Probably a good thing, as I’m learning about patience, and being prepared for this wonderful venture, by first learning to become a true, active listener with heart.

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Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

Sleigh bells ring are you listening

I’ve just finished reading two lots of Sunday papers, all telling me how to have the perfect Christmas. Plus the TV ads, and programmes, like Kirsty’s Handmade Chrismas on C4, which had me spellbound,  stirring up feelings of guilt that I hadn’t had time to make my own wrapping paper ….

My wonderful friend Lee, out in Sheffield, sent me some amazing photos of his surrounding countryside, on his doorstep. My first thought was to head for the solitude of  those beautiful hills.  But, I have responsibilities this Christmas, which I am looking forward to if, I manage everything, with the intention of being a better listener.

Some of us will be thrown together with family, close and extended; we have 13 coming  for Christmas Day, and three rellies sleeping over.

Above the noise and excitment of the pending day, the one thing that I’m really going to try and practice is to be a listener., first and foremost.  No doubt I’ll falter at the first hurdle, because I need  my sisters and others to listen to me first.

It’s ocurred to me that the Christmas story is one where there’s plenty of listening going on:  Mary and the angel Gabriel, Shepherds and Wisemen with angelic visitations, and the inn-keeper who listens to the plight of Mary and Joseph’s situation.

Amidst the scrapping, peeling, basting, steaming, and dishing out – I will choose to be an emotionally engaged listener, and hear what is being said to me in those easily lost moments of feverish seasonal over-drive – instead of disregarding the yuletide banter, sibyling instructions on the cooking and service; I’ll make a concerted effort to cherish the act of simply listening.

Hoping to share more about a community listening project – ‘simply-listening’, in 2018.

Wishing you all a jofulful, peacful, and restful Christmas and new year.

Starting the journey

The photograph  is Rishworth, West Yorkshire, stunning English country side and winding roads.

This summer Rishworth gave me a wonderful opportunity to listen to my inner self.

I hope over the coming days, weeks, months and years,  you’ll share the journey with me of my community well-being listening project called ‘simply-listening’.

Like life, journeys can take one in all kinds of directions, I doubt this journey will be a straight road; there’ll be bumps in the road, and I’m sure detours onto other roads, but hopefully  we will always find our way back on to the ‘simply-listening’ road.

Thank you for starting this journey with me, I look forward to the twists and turns ….

More information to follow.

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